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The Best Minecraft Discord Server

Reading Time: 2 minutes Purple Prison is more than a Minecraft server, they’re a community, and their Discord Server is no exception. The Purple Prison Discord Server is one of, if not the best Minecraft Discord Servers out there. Their top priority is to build a community that’s fun and inclusive. They have an integration that allows users to...

The Discord Server For Socializing

Reading Time: 2 minutes Finding the right Discord server can take ages, but FriendZone is designed to break that cycle. The Friend Zone Discord server is one of the best Discord servers for socializing, with a welcoming community and great staff members. I was able to speak directly with the owner of FriendZone to understand what makes FriendZone the...

Why Are People Using Discord?

Reading Time: 2 minutes COVID-19 has completely changed the new normalcy for communication, the internet has become the main way people communicate safely. Due to this, Discord has skyrocketed in popularity, but why choose Discord over other big online communication apps like Telegram & WhatsApp? Who Uses Discord? A lot of data research has shown that originally at Discord’s launch,...

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