How to fully utilize Discord

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Discord has witnessed unprecedented growth over the last year and a half, going from around 100 million active monthly users to over 150 million. Discord has become a part of a lot of people’s lives, connecting with loved ones, chatting with friends, & finding your favorite communities. Even popular brands like Wendy’s have hopped onto the Discord bandwagon. But what people don’t talk about is how you can use Discord to help out in your daily life, so that’s what I’m here for! Take it from me, I use Discord in my life nonstop. I use Discord for work, gaming, organizing, reminders & sometimes even a place to store photos. There hasn’t been a day in the past 2 years where I don’t open Discord & that can be said about people who use Discord. Below you can find tips & tricks on how to fully utilize Discord.

1. Organization

Discord is a great place to organize and store information, it doesn’t have to be only work/school related, I also use Discord for gaming! For example, I can make a checklist of objectives or resources that I have to acquire, or if I’m playing an MMO I can list crucial gear pieces that my character requires. I have a lot of private servers & each helps me organize important information. For example, one server helps me store shows that I’ve watched, a weekly schedule, and photos. I personally prefer to use Discord over Google Photos to store photos since I can make categories & channels to micromanage hundreds of photos! Here’s another Discord tip, you can use Discord as a place to store notes from a professor/teacher. What’s great about all of this is it’ll always be there, Discord doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon & you choose how you want to organize & when.

2. Brands & Games

Discord’s unprecedented growth has caught the eyes of popular brands & games, most companies if not all have a Discord, even Wendy’s has a Discord! Why is this important you ask? Well, I have categories in my server list for brands & games, and every now and again they’ll give out a discount code/promotion specifically to their community, sometimes they even give out stuff for free or do a giveaway. It’s a quick & easy way to save money for the services/games that you play most! I’m a huge Apex Legends fan, so I’m in the official Apex Legends Discord! Inside of it, you can find thousands of people ready to play. Plus there’s an added bonus that you’ll make some friends along the way that care about the same games that you do!

3. Friend Servers

On Discord, you can make dozens of friends, and be able to talk to them all at once you can’t add them all to a group chat since there’s a limit of ten people in one group. That’s why a lot of people take advantage of making a designated server for themselves & their friends! Inside of it, you can have channels for everything that you enjoy! Gaming, media, electronics, anime there’s no limit! The best part is none of your friends will feel left out of the loop! You can take this a step further by making a public community after inviting all of your friends. Your friends being in the server beforehand may allow you to jumpstart a community from scratch.

4. Hobbies

Covid-19 without a doubt is a huge contributor to Discord’s unprecedented growth, this is because everyone is online now. Discord has taken over as the leading online chat system, with Discord I’ve been able to experience hobbies that I normally wouldn’t be able to do without being in person. Discord has changed thousands of lives, and it’s certainly changed mine for the better. Use this opportunity to find hobbies that you might enjoy, go browse some hobby-related Discord servers and see if anything catches your eye. There are thousands of Discord Servers on, I’ve been able to try out dozens of hobbies this way for free. What’re you waiting for? Go hobby searching, I’m more than certain that you won’t be disappointed!

5. Leadership

Making a Discord server and becoming an owner of a community is a blast, it can be hard at times, but it’s definitely rewarding. By owning a Discord Server, you’ll learn crucial life skills like community management, marketing & more! If you’re interested in making a Discord server, I’d recommend checking out our first ever blog, we have an in-depth guide on how to make a Discord server. In the guide it explains the following: Picking a Niche, Finding a Unique Theme, Picking a Name, Formatting, Giveaways & Events, Social Media Marketing, Making a Website & Creating a Patreon. It might seem like a lot, but if you put in the time and effort then you too can create a large community!

6. Creative Industry

Discord is a place to game, chat & have fun. But a lot of people also use it as a place to make a living. With 150 million users on Discord, this can be extremely lucrative for some. There are millions of people on Discord taking advantage of this every day, and a lot of them are artists. Being an artist on Discord is a dream come true, you have hundreds of tools at your disposal. There are hundreds of Discord servers where artists can list their commission prices up for people to see, this is a gold mine for the creative industry. You can join a few dozen art communities and every few hours relist your commission sheet, by doing this you’re getting free exposure for just a few minutes of your time. This doesn’t only apply to artists as well, there are all types of freelance gigs people are looking for on Discord, just today I saw someone selling a voice-over & another person selling their music, get creative and make a side gig on the platform that you love!

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