Why Are People Using Discord?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

COVID-19 has completely changed the new normalcy for communication, the internet has become the main way people communicate safely. Due to this, Discord has skyrocketed in popularity, but why choose Discord over other big online communication apps like Telegram & WhatsApp?

Who Uses Discord?

A lot of data research has shown that originally at Discord’s launch, the majority of users were using it for gaming, Discord at first was marketed towards gamers but has now become much more. With recent times, Discord has become more and more popular, so all different types of hobbies & niches are taking over. There are millions of communities on Discord and only 33% of those are for gaming. When looking at Discord’s built in feature to find other communities you can see it’s pretty obvious that Discord has become a social media platform for more than just gamers, Discord is a place where you can find communities that suit your interests!

Why & When Did People Swap To Discord?

In early 2015, a new tool called Discord showed up in the market, It was a clear competitor to Skype & TeamSpeak. Discord’s convenience & its revolutionary voice chat is what made it stand out, it had a lower barrier to entry for users to jump directly into the conversation both over text or voice, all they needed was an account, a join code & a web browser. Discord didn’t have a cost to launch a community or chat with your friends unlike other online social media platforms at the time. 

Discord Offers Convenience

Unlike many other big communicational apps when you first join Discord, it isn’t a long and confusing experience, it’s very straightforward and Discord even assists you in finding communities by having a built-in feature to explore public servers. When Discord was first marketed, it used to be known as a gaming chat platform, however as more people downloaded Discord it’s now populating all different types of Niches, there’s Anime, Art, Writers & so much more. Discord has become a place for all different types of hobbies & interests.

Friends, Community & Family

“My friends are on Discord, so why wouldn’t I use it?” This Is the mindset that happens since Discord is one of the largest social media platforms and it’s one of the only ways for you to communicate with your friends. Once a social media platform has taken over a certain market, it’s nearly impossible for competitors to intervene because people stay on the platforms at which their friends, family & communities are already on. This is also true when community owners wish to move their server to other platforms so they receive better benefits, or it’s suited more towards the niche they’re in, but because Discord is so popular it’s nearly impossible to convince thousands of people to download a new app, make an account & get acquainted with this new service when they’re already comfortable with Discord.

Stylized Communities

What sets Discord apart from the competition is the amount of unique customization it has when making communities or a place for your friends to hang out. Discord has so much customization that you can make customized roles, channels and categories. You can make the server unique to your wants and needs.