Social Heaven

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Social Heaven is a Discord Server created with the sole purpose of giving people a friendly and well balanced platform where they can meet new people, make new friends, and have an overall good time. Social Heaven’s top priority is their community. They make sure all of their members have a secure, non judgemental environment to relax and make friends in.

User Experience

Social Heaven’s features have pretty much everything you would want from a Discord Server. Therefore, the average user experience is positive as every one of our members finds their specific niche within the server. Social Heaven has its regulars, there’s a “cult-like” community of people who are in the main chats 24/7. There are dedicated players to camp bot channels, there are people who solely use the media channel, there’s people who only use their voice channels and so on. With this in mind, it’s easy to say that there’s something for everyone in Social Heaven.

Sexuality and Gender Inclusive

Social Heaven is a place for all ethnicities, sexualities and genders. Social heaven does not discriminate against anything or anyone. They prioritize user experience, so allowing toxcicity, drama, or discrimination goes against their very name, “Social Heaven”. Social Heaven has a 24/7 active staff team that enforces their golden rule that strickly states that discriminition of any kind is forbidden.

Industry Standard

What makes Social Heaven stand out is that they prioritize the user experience over other factors. Social Heaven grows their community organically meaning they do not purchase sketchy promotions from other servers. Furthermore, they stick away from the shadier side of Discord. Their top priority is user engagement, so it’s detrimental for them to have inactive accounts in their server. 

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